After 4 years

1. Exfoliate your lips

  • to remove dead skin cells

2. Apply sunblock. 

  • Sunlight darkens the lips as it does our skin

3. Always moisturize with lip balm or petroleum jelly

  • Acidic fluid like saliva causes lip discoloration


  • a special procedure that implants ink within your lip mucosa to enhance its color
  • An effective way to cover up dark or pale lips


Our Plastic Surgeon will ensure that you are pain free all throughout the procedure.


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Final color is

Our lips get its pinkish or reddish hue from the blood vessels underneath. This is the reason why smokers usually have dark lips, because the blood vessels underneath are already constricted. Other causes of dark lips are sun-exposure and constant exposure to acidic fluid like your saliva, coffee and soft-drinks.

  • Prior to undergoing Lip Tattoo or Lip Tint, brush your teeth and gargle with oral mouthwash.
  • For those with previous Herpes Infection (oral sores), you should take an antiviral 2 weeks prior to lip tattooing. This is because the tattooing process reawakens the herpes virus, seen as painful oral sores.

Lip tattooing in our clinic is done under nerve block (local anesthesia), not cream anesthesia hence you will be pain-free during the entire procedure.

  • Always keep your lips moist with petroleum jelly.
  • Apply sunblock to maintain the color.
  • Observe proper oral hygiene to avoid infection.

To achieve the best result, you will need 3 to 4 sessions, at least 1 month apart per session. This is to allow adequate healing of the lip mucosa.

Lip tattoo is not effective if done only once, since most of the ink implanted will be absorbed by the blood vessels inside your lip mucosa. Do not fall into the trap of false advertisements saying that you can achieve your desired color after 1 session.

Yes you can eat or drink after the procedure. Just make sure you observe proper oral hygiene after eating. Try to avoid drinking coffee and softdrinks since the acidity of the drink will wash out the ink.

  1. After lip tattooing, expect the lips to be swollen for 1-2 days.
  2. The lips will look like you have lipstick on for 3 days, after which it will peel off.
  3. Expect the lips to be dry and pale for a few weeks after the procedure.
  4. The lip tattoo color will show after a few months. Don't expect the color to show immediately after peeling.

The ink color will not be seen immediately. The lip tint will gradually be seen over a period of 3 to 6 months. Be cautious of 'before and after' pictures showing only the immediate result. The real result is seen after 1 year.

The lip shape will not change after the lip tattooing. The natural lip shape will be followed. We do not recommend tattooing past the lip mucosa to make the lip larger because this looks very unnatural. For those wanting larger lips, there are other procedures to best address that concern such as fillers or fat grafting.

The color will last for a few years but will gradually fade because the lip mucosa is constantly peeling and renewing itself. The color in the lip line area will last longer than the area exposed to saliva.

Dark lips are caused by smoking, sunlight exposure, constant exposure to acidic saliva, and many more. You can highly benefit with lip tattoo if you have this problem. The ink implanted in the lip mucosa can camouflage the dark shade. The darker the lips, the more sessions you will be needing.

Those with light skin tone usually have pale lips. Also, as we grow old the lip line area becomes more pale. The problem with pale lips is the undefined shape and it makes you look sick. Tattooing can add a vibrant color to your lips as long as you undergo adequate number of sessions.

The lip tattoo color will not turn blue or purple if the ink used is of high quality with good color retention

  • If you have lip fillers, you can undergo the lip tattooing at least 1 month after your filler injection.
  • If you are planning to have fillers injected, it is safer to complete the lip tattoo sessions first prior to the filler injection. Also, be careful in choosing lip fillers, be wary of cheap fillers because fake ones will cause lumps in your lips.

  • The lip  is ensured to be numb before starting

  • Lip borders are defined first, followed by the whole lip

  • done in 45-60  minutes

Permanent Makeup

- color goes INSIDE the lip mucosa

After 1 year

Good long term result is the most important thing to consider in Permanent Makeup.  Choose wisely and avoid regrets!

Lip Permanent Makeup is a Process. Beautiful things are always worth the wait.


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Lip Permanent Makeup is a PROCESS.  It is not instant. 
​For best result, you will need at least 3 sessions.




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Our Long Term Results show good color retention:


Lipstick color remains the same



- covers the lip


  • Ice compress over the lips is a must to decrease swelling

  • Apply petroleum jelly to keep the lips moist at all times

  • Apply sunblock over the lips

  • Avoid contact with acidic liquids (saliva, coffee, soft drinks)

  • Come back after a month for your next session

The color for lip permanent makeup is chosen based on your Initial Lip Color. 

  • Dark Lips: best to start with ink colors with a shade of orange to offset the dark tone 
  • Pale Lips: best to start with a reddish or pinkish hue



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5-10 minutes

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Who should receive it?

Not recommended for lip permanent makeup. Only people with high pain threshold

Advisable for everyone, especially those with low pain threshold and those with hypertension


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*pictures are real results taken at least 3 months after the session