Cream Anesthesia

Injectable Anesthesia

How long do I have to wait for the effect?

30-45 minutes

5 minutes

How long is the effect? How long before you feel pain?

5-10 minutes

1-2 hours

Who should receive it?

Not recommended for the eyelid

Choice of anesthesia to ensure safety of your eyes.

Lower Eyeliner

  • As long as you have not undergone any eye procedure (operation or laser) within the last 6 months, you can have your eyeliner tattooed.
  • Those wearing contact lens should remove their contact lens before the procedure.
  • Those with on going eye infection (ex. viral or bacterial conjunctivitis, stye) should delay the procedure until healed.

Eyeliner tattooing is safe only if done properly by a well-experienced professional who is knowledgeable with the eyelid anatomy. It should be done using the proper anesthesia to ensure that you do not blink during the tattooing process which may endanger your eye.

If only cream anesthesia is used, pain from the needle will still be felt during eyeliner tattooing. This is why, in our clinic, our plastic surgeon performs the eyeliner tattoo under local anesthesia. After the anesthesia is injected, you will not feel any pain anymore during the tattooing process.

Expect the following: After eyeliner tattooing expect the eyelid to be swollen for 1-2 days. It will look puffy, as if you have cried. Sometimes, there are little patches of hematoma (seen as purplish discoloration) which is expected because the eyelid is full of small blood vessels.

Usual down time is 1-2 days because of some swelling. If you constantly put ice compress over your eyelid right after the procedure, this will hasten the recovery.

You need 1 session for the eyeliner. You then come back after a month for a check-up. If there are areas that need to be retouched, it will be done during the check up.

The color used for the eyeliner is usually black. Black pigment will eventually fade to a bluish shade after a few years, during this time retouch is advised to bring back the black color.

Eyeliner tattoo is permanent. The color will fade a bit and develop a bluish shade, but it will still be there.

You can do either upper or lower eyeliner, or you can do both sides depending on the look you want to achieve. We advise getting an upper eyeliner and a thin lower eyeliner to make your eyes bigger and brighter.



The color black is definitely the best choice to highlight the lash line.  It will create an illusion of thicker lashes.


Upper  Eyeliner




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  • The eyelid is ensured to be numb before starting

  • Only safe areas of the eyelid are implanted with ink

  • The area of the tear gland (lacrimal) punctum and the grey line of the eyelid should never be tattooed to avoid complications

  • Done in 30-45  minutes


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Upper & Lower Eyeliner


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  • Ice compress over the eyes is a must to decrease swelling

  • Refrain from touching the eyes to avoid infections

  • Come back after a month for your check up.  Retouch is only done if needed