• Decide on the brow shape you want.
    • Try on different brow shapes, and ask your friends what best suits you.
  • Don't pluck your brows, so we can see your real brow shape.
  • Do not undergo facial peeling at least 1 week before the procedure.

  • The lower limit is 16 years old since the facial structure matures at this age, but you need a parental consent if less than 18 years old.
  • No upper limit, as long as maintenance medications for any illness is taken religiously.

The entire procedure is around 1 hour, including consultation, trial makeup and actual procedure.

Expect the following:

  • For 2 to 3 hours, expect some swelling and redness.
  • For 3 days, the brows will look darker than usual because of scab formation.
  • On the 3rd and 4th day, expect the scab to peel off.
  • For the 1st week after peeling, expect the color to look faded and reddish.
  • On the 2nd to 3rd week, the skin will now start to show the color of the ink.
  • 3rd to 4th week is the best time to come back for a retouch.

  • Our clinic is the first, if not the only one to offer you a completely numb procedure after the anesthetic is injected.
  • We only use cream anesthesia if requested by the patient, because it only numbs the upper layer of the skin for a few minutes. Once the needle reaches the deeper layer in the skin, you will definitely feel pain when topical anesthesia is used.

  • You need 1 session and a retouch after 3-4 weeks. Retouch is necessary because not all the ink will be absorbed by your skin and reflected as permanent makeup. Some of the ink will be digested by your skin cells and excreted in your body. During the retouch, any asymmetry in shape and color will be addressed.
  • For those with limited stay in the Philippines, retouch can be done as early as 10-14 days depending on your age and skin condition, as assessed by our plastic surgeon.

  • You can wash your brows after 24 hours. It takes 24 hours for a superficial wound to close, hence you can already wash it with mild soap and water after a day.
  • Others will tell you not to wash it for 3 days, 5 days or even a week. There is no scientific basis for this regimen. It in fact will increase the chance for infection due to proliferation of bacteria in the area. However, we do not advise to swim within a week since the water may not be clean.

  1. After the procedure, don't wash the brow area for 24 hours, and avoid touching it with your hands to prevent any infection.
  2. Apply petroleum jelly to keep the brow moist because moisture facilitates healing. You may apply antibiotic ointment if you want but this is not necessary and will not hasten wound healing.
  3. Apply sunblock over the brow. Light exposure causes the ink to fade faster.

Permanent makeup will not last forever. The ink implanted in the skin will eventually fade over the years as your skin sloughs off and renews itself.

Causes of early fading:

  • sunlight exposure
  • use of exfoliating skin care products (alpha hydroxyacids, kojic acid, retinoids acid)
  • undergoing skin rejuvenation services (ablative laser, chemical peeling etc)
  • use of lighter ink shade will fade faster
  • having oily skin

  • Permanent makeup and semi-permanent makeup are the same. The name came about due to marketing propaganda. It is "permanent" in the sense that it stays on your face even if you take a bath or wipe it off. It is "semi-permanent" in the sense that unlike body tattoo, the color will drastically fade over a few years since the ink is placed at a shallower depth in the skin.

The way the color will fade over the years will depend on the quality of the ink. Inks produced nowadays are usually of high quality and have good color retention.

Aging will naturally cause your eyebrows to sag. By the time your brows sag, your permanent makeup would have already faded. It is not true that your tattoo will separate from your brows.

  • If your old tattoo is already faded, you can undergo permanent makeup again. However if your old tattoo is still dark and the shape are different, it is best to undergo laser tattoo removal first. It is not advisable to do cover-up tattooing as this will not produce the best end result.
  • Laser tattoo removal using ND-Yag Laser should be done only by a licensed dermatologist. This procedure if not done correctly may cause your skin to burn resulting to scar formation. Laser tattoo removal is not an instant procedure. It is done in sessions, usually with an interval of 3-4 weeks to allow for adequate skin healing.

If you have diabetes, hypertension or other illness, it is still safe to undergo permanent makeup as long as you are taking your maintenance medications and the procedure is done by a medical practitioner.

  • For pregnant women, since our clinic provides a painless procedure and is done by a plastic surgeon, you may undergo the procedure if you have an OB clearance.
  • It is also safe for breastfeeding moms. Based on scientific studies, the ink does not travel to the milk glands.


color remains the same

Nobody is perfect; neither are your brows!


  • The area is ensured to be pain-free
  • Microshading/ Microblading done in 30-45 minutes
  • Area is cleansed and moisturized

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Ordinary Makeup

color covers the skin


Cream Anesthesia

Injectable Anesthesia

How long do I have to wait for the effect?

30-45 minutes

5 minutes

How long is the effect? How long before you feel pain?

5-10 minutes

1-2 hours

Who should receive it?

Only people with high pain threshold

Advisable for everyone, especially those with low pain threshold and those with hypertension

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  • Don’t wash the brows for 24 hours
  • Apply sunblock on the brows daily as maintenance
  • Apply petroleum jelly on the brows for a week
  • Retouch Date is scheduled ideally after 3-4 weeks.
  • For those with limited stay in the country, inquire about your options.


The path to perfect brows by Dr. Bernal



final color is

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The best technique uses combination of MICROSHADING and MICROBLADING to achieve the ultimate eyebrows for you!!!

The Ideal Brow Shape

Start of the Brow:

  • in line with the corner of the eye (medial canthal region) 
  • at the level of the orbital bone

Peak of the Brow:

  • in line with the outer border of the iris of the eye (2/3 of the brow length)
  • at the level of the orbital bone for men, and 1 cm above the orbital bone for women (or 1.6-2.5cm from the eyelid crease)

End of the Brow:

  • in line with the outer corner of the eye and the corner of the ala (nose)
  • preferably at a level 2mm higher than the start of the brows




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The color for permanent makeup is chosen not based on what your current hair dye is, nor on the color of your eyebrow makeup that you are wearing.  It should be based on your Skin Tone. 

  • Light skin tone: best to start with lighter shades of brown (mocha, choco, light brown)
  • Dark skin tone: medium to dark brown

Microblading uses different shades of brown to recreate the hair strands as well as the makeup effect.
Microshading creates different hues by differing the concentration to achieve the ombre makeup effect.



Beauty need not be painful in the right hands...




Other names

Shading, Ombre, 3d brows

Hairstroke, 6d, Cloning, HD Brows

Instrument used

Rotary Machine, Manual Tool

Microblade Manual Tool

Advisable for whom?

Thick brows

Thin brows, Short brows
Male brows

What does it look like?

Makeup effect

More natural effect.  Looks like real hair


  • Will last longer with better color retention since more ink is applied to the inner layer of the skin.


  • Looks very natural.  The bald spots in your brows will look like they have hair. 
  • Less down time. After the procedure, just expect swelling for 2-3 hours.
  • Will last for 1-2 years or more depending on your skin care regimen.


  • Right after the procedure, your brows look dark for 3 days until the scab peels off
  • You can see the area with hair and without any hair
  • Less experienced technician may over-tattoo your brows, creating very dark brows
  • The hairstroke will eventually fade into a makeup look after a few years.
  • Highly skill-dependent (meaning, the hairstrokes may not remain if the one doing the procedure lacks experience)


Result for both techniques vary on many factors such as the the skill of the technician, ink used, skin of the patient, post-treatment care, etc. The most crucial factor is the skill of the technician. Permanent makeup may look like body tattoo if NOT properly executed by the technician. Choose someone who is an expert and has years of experience. Do your research, ask for photos, and preferably contact someone who has already done it with the same technician.

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Permanent Makeup

color goes INSIDE the skin